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Lessons in Due Diligence for Directors and Officers: Avoiding Pitfalls in M&A

Explore a case study involving a furniture company’s M&A journey and learn valuable lessons in due diligence for directors and officers. Discover the importance of thorough research and risk mitigation in the world of mergers and acquisitions. M&A StoriesĀ  September

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Asset Buyer Dilemma: Are You Missing Valuable Assets in M&A?

Explore the complexities of asset acquisitions in the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Learn from a real-life case in the Kansas City area and understand how the legal nuances of third party beneficiaries can impact your M&A deals. September

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Buyer’s Waiver of Privileged Communications Shared during Due Diligence

Learn about a court case where sharing privileged communications during due diligence led to a waiver of attorney-client privilege. Understand the implications for M&A transactions and the importance of maintaining a clear distinction between legal and commercial interests. M&A Stories

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Business Sale Payments at Risk: COVID and Buyer’s Legal Troubles

Explore a real M&A case where a business owner’s post-sale payments were jeopardized due to a buyer’s legal issues and the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about the complexities of deferred payments and the risks they entail. M&A Stories December 10, 2020

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Buyer’s Defeat in Dispute with Asset Seller Over Deal’s Sales Tax Responsibility

Explore a legal blog post discussing a significant M&A case where a buyer faced unexpected challenges over sales tax responsibility in a marina asset purchase agreement. Learn how precise contract language and allocation provisions could have averted the dispute. Case

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Seller’s Indemnification Cap Dispute: What Entrepreneurs and Investors Should Know

Explore the intricacies of indemnification caps in M&A deals. Learn about a real case involving a private equity firm, a $2.25 million dispute, and the importance of clarity in asset purchase agreements. M&A Stories May 21, 2019 Introduction: In the

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Seller’s Stock Purchase Agreement Disclosure and the $1.4 Million Claim

Explore this M&A legal blog post that delves into the case of a $1.4 million claim arising from a stock purchase agreement disclosure. Gain insights into the legal outcome, key takeaways, and strategies to minimize liability in M&A deals. M&A

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