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Surgeon Group’s Lawsuit for Pre-Closing Surgery Reimbursement in M&A Case

Explore a recent M&A case where a surgeon group filed a lawsuit over reimbursement for surgeries performed before a business acquisition. Learn about the legal proceedings, magistrate’s recommendation, and the importance of clear liability allocations. Case reference: AA Medical, PC

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7th Circuit Decision on Superfund Allocation in Business Purchase

Explore a pivotal legal case where a buyer acquired an environmentally contaminated steel mill and sought to recover cleanup expenses under CERCLA. Discover the court’s decision and its implications for M&A deals with environmental liabilities. September 13, 2019 M&A Stories

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Dispute Erupts in Aerospace Acquisition: Battle Over Warranty Claims

  Dive into the complexities of M&A as we unravel a recent legal dispute in the aerospace industry. Explore the intricacies of warranty claims, allocation of liabilities, and the aftermath of an acquisition gone awry. Gain insights from a real-life

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