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Verifying Dates in Documents for Seamless Closings

Dive into the intricate world of M&A transactions with our latest blog post, “Verifying Dates in Documents for Seamless Closings.” Uncover the challenges faced in a real-life acquisition case and learn how precise document coordination is paramount for successful closures.

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A Georgia intermediate appellate court held that the buyer had not breached the purchase agreement after the closing for wanting to unwind the deal. July 26, 2023 Introduction: In a recent case, an Atlanta nightclub buyer faced a lawsuit from

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Explore a case study involving a New York-based buyer’s acquisition of an LLC’s equity and the subsequent controversy over a sales tax assessment on tangible personal property. Delve into the legal intricacies of M&A transactions and tax implications. M&A Stories

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Business Sale Payments at Risk: COVID and Buyer’s Legal Troubles

Explore a real M&A case where a business owner’s post-sale payments were jeopardized due to a buyer’s legal issues and the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about the complexities of deferred payments and the risks they entail. M&A Stories December 10, 2020

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Buyer’s Post-Closing Default Shatters Seller’s High-Risk Exit Plan

Explore a real M&A case where a seller’s risk-laden exit plan crumbled as the buyer defaulted on payments. Gain insights into the legal dispute and learn valuable lessons on safeguarding transactions. M&A Stories December 07, 2020 Introduction: Selling a business

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Bankruptcy Court Rejects Creditor’s Claim Against Buyer in Post-363 Successor Liability Dispute

Learn about a recent bankruptcy case involving a struggling popsicle business and the legal challenges faced by the buyer. Discover how the court’s ruling highlights the importance of using Bankruptcy Code Section 363 to acquire distressed businesses and avoid successor

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Federal Court Decides Arbitration for Purchase Price Dispute in M&A Deal

Explore a recent case involving a stock acquisition where a federal court determines jurisdiction and resolves post-closing calculation disputes through arbitration. Learn how the court’s decision impacts M&A agreements. Case reference: FNB Corporation v. Mariner Royal Holdings, LLC. May 24,

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Bankruptcy Court Approval for Sale of Business with Insider Connections

Learn about the bankruptcy court’s role in approving the sale of a financially troubled business with insider connections under Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code. Explore a case study involving an offshore mussel farm acquisition, creditor objections, and the court’s

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Buyer’s Defeat in Dispute with Asset Seller Over Deal’s Sales Tax Responsibility

Explore a legal blog post discussing a significant M&A case where a buyer faced unexpected challenges over sales tax responsibility in a marina asset purchase agreement. Learn how precise contract language and allocation provisions could have averted the dispute. Case

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Franchise Buyer’s Fraud Claim Impacts Seller’s Collection Efforts

Explore a complex M&A case where a buyer’s fraud claim challenges a promissory note, leading to a legal battle and an important court decision. Gain insights into the interconnection of purchase agreements, note obligations, and fraud allegations. July 8, 2019

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